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Reuven is an award-winning Toronto based Pianist/Singer/Bandleader/Composer/Arranger/ Teacher. He's been in love with music since his first piano lesson at 6 years old, and has been following his dreams of becoming a professional musician ever since.

Reuven is an accomplished pianist/keyboardist fluent in a  breadth of musical styles including jazz, RnB, classical, pop, Latin, and Klezmer. Reuven is one of the city’s most sought after keyboardists/sidemen and is creatively involved composing and playing with several musical projects, as well as appearing as a sideman for various local and international artists. Reuven has 

performed, recorded, and toured as both a bandleader and sideman throughout Canada, USA, Europe, and the Middle-East.


Reuven is a graduate of the University Of Toronto's elite jazz performance program and has studied with some of the world's greatest pianists including David Restivo, Gary Williamson, Nina Kuźma-Sapiejewska, James Parker, Mark Eisenman, and Chris Donnelly.










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